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Celebrity Shakedown: Britney Spears The Latest To Be Sued By Terminated Employee, Shouldn't Pay A Red Cent 08.Sep.2010

Y'all don't scare me noneJust a couple points here, although since this Fernando Flores is apparently such a legal luminary he's got it covered, but still. First and foremost, these allegedly new charges are actually old news: California Child Protective Services already investigated and dismissed Fernando's allegations months ago. He's been trying to shake her down since he left her employ and claims he wants to go the distance at trial. With what?

More importantly, everyone knows that Britney has been living under a conservatorship for over a year now. That means she's closely supervised and she's got lots of staff on hand, you know, to help take care of the kids, tidy up, make sure madam is wearing proper undergarments ... this girl probably isn't allowed to so much as piss by herself, yet she was able to parade around naked, feed her kids 'til they puked and then have "loud, vigorous" sex in the same room with the aforementioned kids ... and no one else saw it? Oh, please, brother, give it up and move on already.

Proving how on top of all things Britney her team really is, her reps made sure to get some shots of Britney and her former agent, now-boyfriend Jason Trawick frolicking in the surf in Hawaii. I had heard they were on shaky ground recently, yet there they were, all sun bronzed and lovey-dovey. This dude seems to be pretty solid; he hardly looks the type to allow his boss/girlfriend to run around in the buff or have loud sex when the boys are around. And even if they both wanted to Papa Spears' henchmen would shut it down lickity-split. So, no, so sorry, Fernando Flores, but I don't believe you. I wish you luck, however, trying to find another job after filing a lawsuit like that.