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Is Asthma Contagious? Life With Blohan Puts Samantha Ronson In The Hospital 22.Dec.2008

Still doesn't wear underwearOh, wait. She said "exhaustion". Next week she'll have a bad reaction to some medication or cut her ankle on a turntable. It could happen.

It looks like the non-stop Lohan-athon Sam has been running is finally running her down. Ronson was taken to the hospital in LA yesterday for a non-life-threatening condition. She didn't stay long - she probably just needed some good drugs.

Life & Style says Sam has been suffering from lack of sleep and depression. It's no mystery. Lindsay won't shut up long enough for her to fall asleep, and she's depressed because Lindsay can't get a job and she may never get rid of her. Combine that with their reported daily bickering and her unemployed lover's extravagant spending habits and it's easy to see why Sam might be a little discouraged right about now. Don't look for them to make any changes before New Year's, though; the success of Sam's bookings depends on Lindsay's attendance. She can also demand a much higher fee with the flaky little redhead, so she's trying to stick it out as long as she can ... but she may want to reconsider if it's affecting her health.