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Perfect Casting! Brooke Hogan Offered Job By Wwe, But Not As A Diva 04.Aug.2009

She's a naturalNo, not this "girlie girl". She can pole dance until she's blue in the face. I'll always think she's a tucker. Now all they need to do is get Nick in a dress and they can restore family balance.

In the meantime, Brooke will continue her carny tour as a pole-dancing Goliath ... until she runs out of money. C'mon, you don't actually think they pay her for those performances, do you? And even if they do, by the time they do her hair, wax her shadow and ... tuck her in, she's lucky if she breaks even. But that's OK. The Hogans are still living on Daddy Bear's money, although that may not last forever either, especially with that pesky lawsuit hanging over their heads. So what do they do when the cards are all maxed out and Mama blows it all away? They hit the squared circle.

According to The Sun, Vince McMahon has already offered Brooke a gig. I think she'd be a superstar - she's perfect for wrestling. She's tall, blond and can press a Holstein steer. Hell, Brooke and her dad should wrestle as a team - now that would be a monster hit. Brooke says she thinks she's too feminine for that, but we all know better. Get her in the ring and flash a picture of her stoned-out mother on the big screen and somebody's gonna get hurt. Bad.