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Simon Says Ryan Is A Leg Humping Ankle Biter. Now We Know Why 03.Mar.2008

An irresistable aroma Simon Cowell is such a deliciously catty bitch when he gets all butch around his little femme, Ryan Seacrest. These two just need to spend a weekend on Fire Island or something - just get it out of their systems already. All that sexual tension on the set has to be nerve-wracking.

Yesterday on Live with Regis and Kelly Simon took the opportunity to get in a few cheap shots at the simpering little emcee and radio host. ? What he needs to understand is that no one wants to listen to him, other than saying, ? We? ll be back after the break? or ? Seacrest out,? ? Cowell sniped. ? We are the ones paid to have an opinion.?

Cowell continued, ? You know when you go to your auntie? s and the little chihuahua gets on your leg because it thinks it? s something else,? Cowell said. ? That? s my relationship with Ryan.? Now, thanks to Simon's latest product endorsement, we know what keeps bringing Ryan back to that leg.