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Are Dina And Michael The New Jon And Kate? Minus The 8, Of Course 03.Aug.2009

60/40! 70/30! You owe me anyway, you piece of shit!Thank God they're too old to breed (we hope)! When Jon and Papa Lohan showed up in the Hamptons together, everyone assumed that it was just a joint publicity whoring junket. I'm sorry to say it may be much, much deeper than that. You may want to ask your children to leave the room.

No longer content to be publicly shunned by their strung out oldest daughter, Michael and Dina look to have buried the hatchet. See them laugh! Look at the way she's pawing his chest! (She's hoping he's got a cigarette left.) And just where is the Blohan-alike girlfriend? Did she have a dentist appointment or something? Or was she told to stay away and out of their spotlight? He probably told her he's still saving the best for her. yark!

Brace yourselves. I think those nasty Lohans are planning a comeback. If Jon and Kate can pretend to be a big, happy family to make a few mil, so can they. Restraining orders, foreclosures and assault charges be damned! And do Ali and Cody know about this? Probably not - they're touring the country DJ'ing, probably at backyard birthday parties and rundown bowling alleys, but that doesn't matter. All that matters is that 15% momager fee. Pride, education, a stable upbringing ... that's all fairy tale stuff. That won't buy Mama a new house.

I think