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Jennifer Aniston And Her Hard Nipples Hiding Bradley Cooper In Trailer On Location 30.Jul.2009

I feel pretty, oh, so pretty ...That sneaky bitch. Well, they may not be that brazen, but according to the folks at the Enquirer the Great American Spinster is still shtuppin' the Coop - just on the sly, to keep us all in the dark. How dare she! Doesn't she know that without us she'd be nothing? !?

So much for Gerard Butler. And so much for Renee Zellweger, Denise Richards and God knows who else Brad II has been dining out with. I guess none of them can hold a candle to the secret romance he's having with Jen. She probably stuffs him in the trunk when they go out, so happy is she to have a guy in her life again. She'll do anything to protect him from the bad old public.

According to the story, Jen took a quick break from filming in New York for a hot date with the Coop down in DC, where they went to an exclusive private club and drank Grey Goose and pineapple. All the better to pucker you with, my dear. I guess. Witnesses said they were very lovey-dovey and left together after a couple of hours - hence the bedhead hair and erect nipples, apparently.