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Jennifer Aniston Benefits From Wonder Twins In Odd Ways, But Isn't Complaining 06.Aug.2008

Not the only one with backstage passPeople and OK! have pissed off their competitors by landing the wonder twin pictures this week - and yes, I bought a copy today - but the other rags aren't taking this lying down. Not content to leave a long-dead love triangle mouldering in the dust, rival publications are featuring all things Aniston: her impending nuptials and soon-to-be conceived love child, even her ultimatum on co-habitation. Oh, yeah, and they say she's finally over Brad. No kiddin'.

Jen's rep, Stephen Huvane, denies all of the above and more, but Huvane is a shameless and notorious liar. I wouldn't be surprised if Jen and John had already broken up - they haven't been spotted together in a while - and her rep is just keeping the rumor mill going to keep face.

John and Jen aren't moving in together. She's not planning to have his baby any time soon - I've never seen a couple who looked less likely to procreate. If they make it to Labor Day it's because he's a softie (look how long he kept Jessica Simpson coming back for bootie calls); if they make it to Christmas, then I'll be impressed.