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Methinks Demi Moore Has Bigger Problems Than Saggy Knees Or Leeches In Her Bellybutton 30.Mar.2008

You're gonna pay for that, sonMethinks her husband might be drawn to a tight young blonde from time to time. He is a man in his twenties, after all - he's loving his cougar, but every once in a while he thinks back to when he was the top.

If his cougar saw him zooming this honey's bumbum, chances are pretty good Ashton was in for some corrective therapy this weekend and that it was as lengthy as it was excruciating. You'd think he'd learn. The last time he was seen looking at another woman he couldn't sit down for a week. She couldn't either, but she couldn't stop grinning for days.

Word on the street is that Ashton's a little worried. His new prank show seems to be getting panned (and rightly so) as a Punk'd rehash but he doesn't want to get stuck at home anymore. A man needs to breathe now and then. All he needs is a viable project, but this was the best he could come up with. No one ever accused him of being a creative genius.