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Just Another Bruno Casualty: Brittny Gastineau Thinks Abortion Is Funny 22.Jul.2009

She who lives in glass house throws too many stonesYeah, har dee har har, you dumb twit. Aren't you the same bimbo who's been crashing the D-list circuit for the open bar? One reality show does not a celebrity make, no matter how many casting couches you've passed out on.

So she must have jumped at the chance to be in Bruno - and was happy to be the butt of Sacha Baron Cohen's jokes. According to Page Six, Bruno showed pictures of celebrity babies to Brittny and asked whether she'd "keep" or "abort" them. Apparently she gave the thumbs-down to Jamie Lynn Spears' little Maddie's sonogram, and now the tabloids are dogging her.

Brittny can't seem to understand why people were offended by her statements; but it's really not so much about what she said, it's just that nobody likes her and this is as good a chance as any to trash her a bit. Too bad we're not living in medieval times - we could banish her to starve to death in the forest.