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So Who's Really The Lyin' Cheat? The Beckhams Sue While Demi And Ashton Tweet 26.Sep.2010

Sure looks like AshtonSounds like the start of a really bad limerick, doesn't it? Let's try to finish it ...

The other grass is so green To a wanderin' peen But the whore ends up on Easy Street

Hey, I said it was really bad. Think you can do better? Huh. Anyway, the (ALLEGED) celebrity cheats vs. the tabloid tattletales is heating up, but the two accused parties couldn't be handling things more differently. And it makes you wonder. Or at least it makes me wonder, so I guess you could say I'm sharing my wonderment. Maybe one of us can figure out exactly what the f**k's going on here.

First you have the Beckhams. No stranger to the cheating scandal or litigation against the tabloids, the veddy married Posh and Becks announced yesterday that they're suing In Touch for their cover expose of David's alleged trysts with hookers. They've sued other publications - in England - and won, but the laws are different here. Remains to be seen how it turns out.

Then you've got Ashton and Demi, who talked a lot of shit about reckless conduct and suing when his cheating scandal broke, but then bitched down and resorted to Twittering goofy pictures and making appearances with wedding bands conspicuously displayed. The two of them are about as genuine as JWoww's rack; rumors are flying that he cheats and she knows about it but chooses to turn the other cheek and drop another quarter-million on plastic surgery. Whatever floats your boat, I guess. Either way, whether Ashton and Becks are guilty of straying or not, I think Ashton's behavior is definitely more damning ... and infinitely more disrespectful. Toad.