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I Can't Believe Suri Cruise Is On The Goddamn Cover Of Us Weekly. What Am I Saying? Yes I Can! She's Fabulous!! 18.Oct.2007

Suri CruiseNever has a baby been this famous since well Shiloh (have you seen those lips? ) Suri is on the cover with a full 4 page spread in this week's issue of Us Weekly. I guess they felt bad for Katie so they did this Katie is the new Jackie Kennedy article with pictures. They then went on to compare a bunch of modern celebrities to older celebrities by simply finding pictures in which they are smiling and wearing similar outfits (ok Michelle Williams blatantly wants to be Mia Farrow so she dresses like her and cute her hair off) but the rest of them? Jessica Biel is the new Jane Fonda? Jane Fonda has 2 Oscars! I don't even think Jessica has an MTV Movie Award. And of course Eva Mendes and Sophia Loren because they are both manly looking yet strangely beautiful. Oh Us Weekly!Us Cover