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Was Jimi Hendrix Murdered? And Why Are We Just Finding Out Now? 01.Jun.2009

I mean, I just find it hard to believe that someone could have kept that to himself for so long. It's not like he was a nobody: Jimi Hendrix wasn't just some stoned out hippie dude - he was a really famous stoned out hippie dude.

The National Enquirer is running a story that Hendrix's manager killed him for $2 million in life insurance when he found out he was about to be fired. According to a dude named Tappy who roadied for Hendrix, the former manager confessed to killing him while drunk, that he stuffed pills down Hendrix's throat and washed them down with "a few bottles of red wine". Hendrix died from acute barbiturate intoxication and asphyxiation of vomit.

There's no word on why Tappy waited 36 years to tell his story, other than he's got a book to promote. I wonder what Jimi's survivors think of all this (not that they'll talk to each other about it). I hope if there's any truth to it that someone looks into it. Jimi Hendrix was a virtuoso who was taken before his prime. There's no saying where he would have taken his music had he lived.