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The Runaways On Film: Kristen Stewart Makes A Great Joan Jett 22.Jun.2009

Joan and KristenShe's certainly a great match for the role appearance-wise. Whether she can swagger and snarl like Joan Jett did all those years ago (hell, she still does!) remains to be seen.

The Runaways is the new movie being made about the group of the same name back in the 80s. It's where real girl rockers like Joan Jett and Lita Ford got their start. They changed the face of rock 'n' roll - tough girls in black leather belting out punk as hard as the boys.

This is a movie I'd definitely pay to see. The Runaways and Kiss were my first tastes of real New York rock, and I was immediately hooked. If this is one of those rockumentaries that are heavy on the soundtrack and light on the dialogue we could have a keeper.