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Life Is Imitating Art On One Tree Hill. Or At Least, Sophia Bush Is Imitating The Show. 20.Nov.2008

Sophia and James on the showIt has been confirmed that Sophia Bush, who was married to he of the versatile hairstyles- Chad Michael Murray, for a record five months is now dating her other Tree Hill co-star, James Lafferty. James Lafferty is the one who isn? t Chad Michael Murray. Chad and SophiaIronically, James? s character is the only Sophia hasn? t dated on the show because he was the one that got married when he was 16 because his wife on the show (Bethany Joe something) wanted to wait until marriage to have sex so the only logical thing you can do then is get married. That is totally logical? .if you live in a trailer in Kentucky! JamesI believe the James and Chad play brothers on the show but like both of their moms slept with their uncle so it is really gross. This is also the show that gave Kevin Federline a recurring role, let? s not forget. Sophia! At least move on to the Gossip Girl boys or something. Of course, they do film Tree Hill in the remote (except not really) Wilmington, North Carolina where apparently there are no other eligible men besides the actors on this show. This happened with another little show filmed in Wilmington. You may have heard of it. It was called Dawson? s Creeek. And it is where a young Katie Holmes dated Joshua Jackson for quite a bit. Wilmington is also where they filmed ? I Know What You Did Last Summer? which is where Freddie Prinze Jr. met Sarah Michelle Gellar. Joey and Pacey on The CreekBut speaking of The Creek, our new favorite guest-star slut, James Van Der Beek will be guest-starring on three episodes of The Tree when it returns after the holidays. First How I Met Your Mother, then Ugly Betty and now One Tree Hill. I don? t know James. I think next stop is in your own series called ? Me and My Big Head? or something like that. It could be a real thinking piece.