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Scarlett Johansson Devastated: She Finally Got Off Her Fat Ass And Went To The Gym And Still They Complain 21.Apr.2009

After & beforeWell, sure. If not for that bulbous rump and those mammoth funbags no one would even look at ScarJo. She gets married, goes brunette and drops a few pounds and bam! She's almost invisible.

Maybe it was the stress of living with such a beautiful man (her hubby, Ryan Reynolds). Or maybe it was for a movie role, as she says. Whatever the cause, ScarJo needs to lay off the ugly stick before she gets stuck like that.

Scarlett recently penned a rebuttal of sorts to all those nasty tabloid rumors about her and others' weight loss to Huffington Post in which she denied any eating disorder or crash diet. She says she lost her tits and ass the old-fashioned way, through exercise and a sensible diet. Of course in her attack on tabloid journalism she just had to bring up the Us Weekly issue that accused her of having her nose done. She denies it, and I believe her, but she really needs to dump the scrawny, mousy look and go back to what made her who she is today.