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Now That Ike Turner Is Gone, Bobby Brown Feels Compelled To Carry The Baton. Crack On, Brother 17.Jan.2008

Uh-huh. 'Nuff said.Jeez Louise. Some people never learn. I sure hope Whitney is keeping it clean - she's been looking great in her few appearances since finally breaking away from Bobby's influence.

Bobby, on the other hand, is looking like a bucket of smashed kidney beans. If he's not getting locked up for child support (not paying it, not for mooching off them - yet) he's in the hospital with chest pains. And still he rocks on! That's righteous.

Massachusetts State Cops are looking to charge Bobby with possession of cocaine after an incident at a Holiday Inn in December. Cops answering a call about a fight were directed to Bobby's Navigator, where he sat in a coke-induced stupor. Apparently he wasn't able to finish it before they got there. Bummer for him.

Bobby's hearing was adjourned until February because his lawyer had better things to do for clients who actually pay her. No word on how much he was holding, but the cops hate him up there. Maybe he'll actually do some time and make some real friends.