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Who's The Dirty Whore Now? Jesse James And His Vanilla Gorilla May Have Bagged (banged?) Hundreds, If Not Thousands 25.Mar.2010

Yeah, I'm a dickWow. I knew the opportunists would come crawling out of the woodwork - how could they not? - but they're queuing up pretty fast for this early in the game. Maybe it's because he so actively recruited his conquests: Word is that James put ads on Craigslist for models with big cans and lots of tats. There's no telling how many women answered those ads, or how many will be willing to come forward and admit to messing around with the husband of America's sweetheart.

As of today, a total of four women have come forward to admit f**king Jesse James. The fourth is being represented by that legal barracuda and publicity whore Gloria Allred, who says her client enjoyed an intimate relationship with Sandy's husband for three years that only ended as this scandal broke. If Gloria's playing, you can bet your ass that Jesse will be paying.

It won't be the first time his allegedly super-sized dick got him in trouble. James has settled no less than three different sexual harassment suits from female former employees, the last in 2007 for $275,000. The claims against him included forced oral copulation (look it up if you have to) and constant demands for sexual acts that defy description in such a family-oriented blog as ours. tee hee

OK, OK, what does all of this mean? Well, I think that all the signs here point to the fact that Jesse James is a manwhore on a par with Tiger Woods. When the dust settles he might even have just as many mistresses, if not more. One thing is for sure: Both Sandy and Elin need to make tracks away from such trash. They are both beautiful women who deserve much, much better.