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Separated At Birth: Pete Burns And Octomom Have A Lot More In Common That Those Hideous Lips 17.Mar.2009

Uncanny resemblanceFor those not familiar, Pete Burns was on Celebrity Big Brother and was singer of a group called Dead Or Alive ("You spin me round, round, baby, round, round"). He's also notorious for doing some nasty shit (literally) on stage. As for his alleged twin ... well, everyone knows who Octomom is. 'Nough said on that on as well.

Besides looking like they've used the same hairdresser and plastic surgeon, they've also got something else in common. Octomom incubated eight babies; Pete is currently incubating eight kidney stones. Unfortunately for Pete, however, his little stones are doing more than giving him monstrous stretch marks. They've shut down his kidneys, causing him excruciating pain and forcing him into the hospital, where he remains in very serious condition. Doctors tried to operate to remove them, but were unable to due to unspecified complications.

We wish Pete a speedy recovery. If you'd like to do the same, visit his site where you can send your wishes. Dude is on a morphine drip but I'm sure he'll appreciate it. As for Octomom, I wish she'd go behave like a real mother for a change and leave us all alone. I'm so sick of her smug, self-absorbed face. Do those babies even see her?