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Did Pop Fiction Get Its Grubby Paws On Columbo? What Have They Done With His Raincoat? 24.Apr.2008

It's the end of the world as we know itSomebody better help Ashton out. His pathetic excuse for a prank show is falling flatter than an Olsen, yet he keeps doing it again. And again. And again. Hey, how else will he get an opportunity to hang around the pool checking out younger, hotter, blonder women?

Still, he needs to give this stupid shit up. The idea of an award-winning veteran actor like Peter Falk stumbling around Hollywood like a crazy old homeless man is hard to swallow. Anyone can put on mismatched clothes, rumple their hair and smudge some dirt on their face, then run out into the street screaming, "The sky is falling!" or something to that effect.

A few giveaways that say for sure that it's a set-up:

1) Look at his hands - his palms are smooth, pink and clean. Those are rich man's hands. 2) Those clothes may not match, but they aren't Salvation Army-grade, either. 3) He's got brand spanking new sneakers on. Look like he just put them on for the first time.

Try again, Ashton. Or better yet, don't. Demi has some laundry for you to fold.