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Poor Beyonce: She's Got That "mama Made Me Do It" Face On 25.Mar.2008

Yes, Mama. I AM smiling.Beyonce needs to fire whoever comes up with the creative concepts for her photo shoots - she's always ripping off someone else. Always. This time it's Fight Club. Is that sad or what?

This shot is for her mother's House of Dereon clothing line, which, if you haven't seen it yet, brings shiny polyester to never-before-seen heights of tacky. I don't know what the price range is on this stuff, but Tina's daughters never look happy to be seen in their mother's creations. They know better than to say anything, though - Mama Knowles can take down a charging bear; mere mortals are no challenge for her.

Perhaps it's not the dress. Maybe Beyonce is getting sick of Jay-Z stringing her along - they've been engaged for a couple hundred years, and she's getting on in age. Besides, those hips were just meant for motherhood. If she hasn't gotten the baby urges yet, she will soon, and if he's not ready to commit, she may just move on. Or she may just wait a couple hundred more years. One never can tell.