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Pee Wee Herman Shares Today's Secret Word With Marilyn Manson 15.May.2007

Pee Wee and Friend While PrettyBoring is sorry that we couldn't actually be there for this conversation, we imagine it went pretty much like this:

PW: Hey, Mary Boy, what's red and white and totally repulsive?

MM: Duh, what?

PW: Heh, heh, that would be your ass humping that strung-out little piece of trash in your new video! Heh heh heh

MM: Uh, dude, that's not cool. I love that vapid little twit. There's more brain activity in day-old bread, and she doesn't tell me what to do.

PW: Hey, Man Hands (and I hear that's the only thing man-sized about you!), I hear that you guys were really slapping uglies in the video. True, that?

MM: Does it matter? The sex act was part of the cinematic genius of the piece. Whether it was genuine or not is irrelevant to the artistic integrity of my work.

PW: Man, shut up and go make me a sandwich. Hey, isn't that Ditta over there?