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Reversal Of Fortune: Is Pudgy Mischa Barton Shilling For Burlington Coat Factory? 14.Jan.2010

That coat seems to be heavily padded in the rearYou know, because they're more than just coats, like the commercial says, and for us working-class joes, it's fine. But for a girl who only two years ago had the world's finest designers begging her to wear their duds, it's a bitter, bitter pill.

Mischa has gone from hot young starlet to bloated, haggard drunktard in the blink of an eye. She's been hospitalized at least twice for over-indulging in illicit substances. She's had a DUI. And her once promising career is busted down broke on the side of the highway and no one gives a shit enough to give it a push. Maybe if Mischa had been a more gracious ingenue she would have had someone to turn to in times of trouble, but she was a snotty little bitch and she has become erratic and unreliable because of her substance abuse problems.

And now she's been photographed carrying shopping bags from a low-to-mid range family outlet store. Oh, the shame! I'm curious - did she actually shop there because she had to, or did they just give her a bag to be seen with? Hey, a girl's gotta feed her habit any way she can.