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Silly Heifer! Speaking Of Fat Ass, Guess Who Thinks She's A Size 2? 21.Apr.2009

Nothing even remotely petite hereMaybe she's still delusional from all that hot Mexican sun. Or maybe she picked up something else to trip on while she was south of the border. While the cause of her departure from the real world is unknown, there's one thing that's absolutely certain: There's no way in hell that Kim Kardashian is a size 2.

Apparently the head heifer over at the KKK Ranch took offense to being mentioned in a magazine article about the new plus-size line at Forever 21. Forever 21? Now that sounds more like her size. Certainly it's closer to reality than her claims of being a 2.

As a relatively small-framed woman, I can tell you without a doubt that a size 2 is really freakin' tiny. There is no such thing as big sloppy boobs or a badonkadonk ass in that range. It just defies the laws of physics. You just can't stuff ten pounds of ... whatever ... into a two-pound bag. Maybe Kim's right elbow is a 2, but the rest of her adds up to somewhere in the teens - and there's nothing wrong with that. Embrace your curves, girl! Don't lie - your ass gives you away every time.