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Christie Brinkley And Peter Cook Settle Divorce Case Without Further Sexy Talk 10.Jul.2008

The man Christie fell in love withYou've got to hand it to Christie Brinkley. After her husband got caught shagging his 18-year-old assistant Christie quickly took action, banishing him and filing for divorce. Christie is active on the Hamptons social scene and owns multiple properties. She parlayed her supermodel earnings into a substantial fortune and is raising two beautiful children. too. But all has not been golden in Christie's life - Peter Cook was husband # 4.

During the divorce trial a court-appointed psychiatrist testified about the mental health of the opposing parties. While he said Cook was a "self-obsessed egomaniac", he also said Christie would do well to seek therapy for her relationship issues. That doesn't fit in with her PR plan, though.

That carefully crafted public image also apparently helped her in the settlement process. Christie only has to pay Peter a $2.1 million lump sum settlement, most of which will be eaten up by his legal fees. She gets to keep all of their Hamptons properties (which were bought with her money), and she has sole custody of the kids.