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All That Drinking And Partying On The Sly Haven't Aged Lindsay A Bit. She Might Want To Schedule A Full Body Wax 06.Mar.2008

Herbie's fully loaded (or half in the bag)Gee, no alcohol bloat there! Lookin' good! Mom's strung-out face, Dad's potato farmer body ... it's no wonder she'll take off her clothes for money.

Seriously, folks, before you start to wonder who's been messing with your meds, that is not Lindsay Lohan. That is Michael Musto of The Village Voice. Michael's been on the New York literary scene for years, and his homage to an homage to a legend is breathtaking in its simplicity. As Musto himself says, "Well, this time, I was seizing the power back by saying: "My bits are only mine to give. Now here they are, world. Take it all!"

This isn't the first time Musto has tried to foist his fruit-and-berries on an unwilling public: Back in 1992 he was almost arrested in New Jersey for trying to spoof Madonna's Sex book wearing just a "wig and a cig". Some people just thrive on attention ... Sounds like Musto and Lohan have more in common than we realized.