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Miley Cyrus Tries To Bite The Hand That Feeds, Gets Owned By House Of Mouse 22.Sep.2008

I just think I'm better than youThat's right, Miley. Before you and your redneck daddy start thinking you call the shots, think of the mouse. He was there long before you got there, and he'll be there long after you're gone. Which, if you keep it up, is right down the road.

Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus have been raisin' a dickens on the set of Hannah Montana. Convinced that she's outgrown the vehicle that made her a superstar, Dad has been coaching Miley to show up late and be an all-around bitch, making everyone hate her guts. Apparently the one-hit wonder douche's brilliant idea is if she's more trouble than she's worth they'll let her out of her contract. Yeah, that's worked so well for so many others before her.

The House of Mouse said No way, Jose. They let the Cyrus clan know in no uncertain terms that she's on the hook for another 24 episodes - and even added an extra six for shits and giggles. Because they can. Miley, the smarter Cyrus, immediately had her publicist write and release a statement expressing her full commitment "to Hannah Montana. It's what gave me this amazing opportunity to reach out to so many people." Then she called her dad to thank him. At this rate she'll be 35 before they let her out of her contract.