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Eminem Does Not Find This Amusing, Will Torment Mimi And Nick With Phone Sex And Nudie Pics 31.Jul.2009

Now this looks like a job for me ...What is it with Mariah and her alleged former f**kbuddy Eminem? Did they or didn't they? I really don't think he's her type, but Slim does present an awfully convincing case, and says if Nick doesn't shut the bitch up he'll bust out the voice mails and nudie pics. Considering the time they hooked up was right around the time she had her meltdown, I think it's possible.

These two have been trading barbs for years, and Mariah should really know better than to challenge Eminem to a war of words. This is a guy who lives and breathes a good diss set to music. I am not a rap fan by any means, but I have to admit that he is immensely talented.

It looked like Nick and Em made peace via Twitter, and everything seemed to quiet down for a while. So why did Mimi try to spoof him in her video? Instead of one-upping him, she only egged him on, and now he's threatening to unleash the real dirt on the Glitter girl. Does he have it? It's very possible. And he's got nothing to lose. If I were Mimi and her Mr., I'd bow out gracefully before things get really ugly. The only one who will really lose then is Nick, who stands to be emasculated without end by both parties. They should just have a threesome and get it over with. All that sexual tension is making me queasy.