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So Much For Rehab: Tara Reid Drains The Keg At Oktoberfest 24.Sep.2009

Slurp, slurp, sluuurrrp ...Where does she put it? (On her ass and the back of her thighs, I guess. Nothing a little lipo can't cure.) Young miss Tara Reid, who has earned master's degrees in inebriation, apparently is off the wagon again. Some fellow scholar thought it would be a bright idea to hire Tara as a host(ess) to an Oktoberfest. It's pretty apparent that the call of the ale was too much for her to resist.

It was only a few months ago when Tara made the cover of magazines claiming to be rehabbed. Tara has made a career out of drunken debauchery. The acting jobs dried up a long time ago, and she's been eking a living out of hosting parties in faraway places. Maybe being around a bunch of drunks made her miss the old days - or maybe the whole rehab thing was a pathetic publicity ploy.

It wouldn't be the first time she tried to use rehab for attention. In December of 2008 Tara caused an uproar when she "romped" into Promises Malibu, allegedly at no cost because of her "fame". The story was firmly denied by Promises, who basically said that no one rides there for free, and even if someone did, they wouldn't tell us.