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Rachael Ray Sex Faces, Now Available For Tops And Bottoms 24.Nov.2007

1. Open wide 2. Hunker down 3. Giddyup!Because things change, right? One day you're the statue, next day you're the pigeon. And if you marry a chronic louse and twisted deviate even after catching him cheating over and over again you deserve whatever you get. As recently as October 31 rumors have swirled that trouble is brewing in Rachael Ray's marriage to John Cusimano - the National Enquirer reported Ray had thrown him out for betraying her yet again.

Interestingly enough, Rachael has been hitting the talk show circuit again in the last two weeks, seemingly to refute the rumors of marriage trouble, which is odd considering those rumors are old news. Did John get into some kind of trouble again? Should we be bracing ourselves for a new round of spit jokes? These two just seem so ill-suited. I've never seen a picture they look comfortable together in - even their over-the-top wedding shots looked forced.

John has probably never seen Rachael make the sex faces shown above because either she's on top or she's wearing the little leather mask with the zipper. He usually keeps the zipper closed because her big primate teeth scare him.