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Sexy Sarah Palin To Reveal All In Lurid Book Deal, Including Steamy Topless Photos 18.Nov.2008

Perhaps I exaggerate. Yes, Sarah is working on signing a book deal, but it probably won't be lurid. (I guess we won't be hearing about her alleged affair with her husband's business partner after all.) It probably won't be lucid, either, unless you're a gun-totin', bible-thumpin' frontier woman who can dress out a bull moose in ten minutes flat.

Alaska's favorite meth mayor got herself a little taste of the spotlight and found she likes the flavor just fine. She's trading in her snowshoes and sled dogs for fame and fortune in the lower 48 - by book or by screen. Inside sources have told Australia's Canberra Times that literary agents are "queuing up to sign Palin to a book deal that could earn her up to $US7 million." These same snitches told the New York Post the same thing weeks ago, but who's counting?

And that's not all. Sarah's also looking to land a spot as a talk show host. Maybe she and the Hasselcrack can team up now that she knows how her View-mates really feel about her. Wouldn't that just be delightful? Oh, don't be so sad. There is a silver lining to this cloud: If Sarah isn't too careful grabbing for that brass ring she could ruin any chance of running for the top spot in 2012. People don't take her seriously now; if she slips and shows her true fame-whoring colors she won't be running for anything except Hot Slut Of The Week. On a slow week.