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Where In The World Is Winona Ryder? And Did Those Diamonds Ever Turn Up? 12.Feb.2009

I didn't take anythingNot that she's ever been much of an attention whore, but still. As reclusive (agoraphobic? ) as Winona is, she still shows up at her premieres. So what was so different about The Private Lives of Pippa Lee that she was unable or unwilling to attend?

Winona has had people wondering about her mental state for a while now. In November she gobbled too many Xanax on a transatlantic flight and won a free trip to the hospital when the plane landed. No word on whether they had to pump her stomach or how she got so hyper to begin with.

Less than two weeks later, $124,000 in diamonds on loan from Bulgari were somehow made to disappear, and as far as I know, haven't been recovered yet. They were last seen on Winona's shifty little body ... and now she's gone, too.

Did Winona take the jewels? If she did and was caught, I'd guess she's tucked away in a luxury rehab somewhere, being pampered and mildly scolded for her latest caper. If she did and escaped, I'd say she's sprawled on top of a mountain of Vicodin somewhere.