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Justin Timberlake Wants To Marry Manly Biel, But Mommy Won't Let Him 31.Jul.2008

What do I have to do here? !? Hey, I thought Mama liked Shelf Ass. Maybe she does compared to the sea creature he lived with for four years, but I guess nobody's good enough for her little boy.

Justin isn't about to complain. Even though he's worth gazillions Mama is always there for him. When Jessica cooks she supervises to make sure the meal is up to Little Man's standards. He was a fussy kid. (No surprise.) Mama even still does his laundry. Apparently she's around so much she's putting a crimp in Shelfy's plans. She's dying to marry Justin before the testosterone totally takes over; then she'll just look like Chyna and no man will touch her.

JT won't take the plunge without his mother's blessing, and reportedly won't propose until his two favorite ladies bury the hatchet. Will Shelfy wait around? Of course she will. What else does she have to do with her time? She better stick close, though. Kate Hudson's on the prowl again, and she and JT have some history.