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The Devil And Tim Gunn: Hell May Just Freeze Over At Fashion Week. Anna Fears No One 10.Sep.2010

Crush you, puny mortalAnd she never, ever forgets, Tim. Not only that, but likely as not she'll still be running Vogue with a bony fist long after your 15 minutes have come and gone.

First there was The Devil Wears Prada, which gave everyone a glimpse into the controlled crazy that makes Vogue the fashion bible that it is. Anna is queen because Anna has an exquisite eye and almost infallible sense for what's hot and what's not. And because she's been doing it for like 30 years, Anna has tremendous influence and connections. Most folks in the fashion world know to keep their mouths shut no matter what they see; piss this bitch off and you'll be stocking the sock bin at the dollar store.

Tim Gunn, however, is not afraid. In his new book, Golden Rules, Tim recalls the time he saw Anna being carried down a staircase by a bunch of bodyguards because the elevator was broken and she refused to walk. She's not the only celebrity to do this -- Mimi is notorious for being carted (hoisted? ) up and down the stairs, and she could surely use the exercise -- but maybe she had a legitimate reason: She could have had too much to drink. Her heels could have been too high and she had too much to drink. Or maybe she just didn't feel like it. Either way, Tim's got it all wrong. Hell won't freeze over if they happen to cross paths at Fashion Week, but I get a feeling he should get used to the chilly reception. Anna is bad enough to roll with Naomi; she's not gonna waste her time with this joker. And if she says so, neither will anyone else.