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All Out Of Tripod Games, One-nut Bike Boy Bails On Kate Hudson 01.Aug.2008

Where were you? Why did you go away? Is it my boy chest? You could see it all over her face. She's not in love; she's smitten. He rocked her inside-out. She dragged him to meet her parents, her ex, her son, her gardener ... you get the idea. All this after only a month. It's no surprise, then, that Lance has pried himself loose from Junior Hawn and flown the coop.

No one really expected it to last. They're both rotten sluts, breaking hearts and herniating discs wherever they slept off the latest drunk. An Olsen twin, a butterscotch stallion, countless mutual friends and a veritable army of anonymous hook-ups have all clocked miles with these two. While it wasn't a union anyone would have predicted, they're both horn dogs without conscience, kindred spirits of sorts.

Now that she's the one dumped for a change, Kate has wasted little time seeking solace. She was seen this week sharing a lingering kiss with furry ex-husband Chris Robinson. Hey, sometimes ex sex is the best kind ... unless of course one of the parties is still hung up on the other. Then it's just cruel. Come to think of it, that's right up her alley. God help Chris Robinson.