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Will Ashlee Simpson And Fall Out Boy Pete Get Married? They Might Have To Wait Until They Come Down For The Blood Tests. 18.Jul.2007

They must be hanging with MischaWoo boy, must have been some night at the dive bar for these two! Pete looks like he won't be able to sleep for about a week - give that boy a Xanax and let him lay down for a while. Ashlee sure is a trouper, though - I guess big sister taught her well.

Word on the street is that things are getting serious between these two. I'm a bit skeptical. Let's not forget that Petie wouldn't even admit he was dating Ashlee until she suddenly became the hot Simpson sister. Or maybe it's just that she's got better connections and he likes to party on her dime.

Either way, I can't believe Papa Joe would give these two his blessing. "Now, Ash, honey," Papa Joe might say, as he snuggles his baby daughter all close, "Why-all would you bothah with that boy? He said he likes to kiss boys. We went and spent all that money on your face. Can't you find a boy who wears less makeup than you? "

Apparently not. Ashlee has always been content to follow Pete around like a lost puppy. Do you think she's saving herself for marriage like Jessica did? (Well, except for that pillow-biting thing, but who's counting? ) I'd venture to say that based on those big, glassy eyes, the only thing we can hope for is that she's using birth control.