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Donde West's Autopsy Results Inconclusive: Will Dr. Jan Adams Get Away With Murder By Incompetence? 10.Jan.2008

Dr.Death and his six-toed friendOr negligent homicide? Kanye and his family must be grieving all over again, and my heart goes out to them. After hearing about his checkered past, I think we were all hoping that when the results were in, proof of Dr. Adams' ineptitude would finally be known. After all, it was widely known that another doctor had refused to operate on Donde because of a health issue that put her at risk of a heart attack if she were to go under anesthesia. She had her heart set on making herself feel beautiful, though, and it was only a matter of time before she found someone greedy enough to do it. Don't forget Adams was recommended by Oprah - just like James Frey, Dr. Phil ... oh yeah, and Barack Obama.

The results state Donde