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Cisco Adler Busted For Assault, Musta Been Out Of Weed 19.Dec.2008

Banged up at both endsOr maybe the victim made a crack about Adler's saggy sack. It probably kills him that he's better known for that than his music.

Whatever the reason, Cisco ended up behind bars in Fargo, North Dakota after raising a ruckus in an establishment called The Hub. When cops arrived, they found an unruly group "scuffling". In the midst of all that, Cisco allegedly had a disagreement with a club employee, and when he was escorted out, popped him in the nose. The employee made a citizen's arrest and Cisco was released after posting $500 bail.

Cisco's star certainly has slipped since he ran out of celebutantes to get stoned and boned. Mischa, Kimbo, Paris, Beef Curtains ... he's had 'em all, but they seemed to tire of him quickly. That's probably because he's sharp like a bowl of oatmeal. Be sure to check him out when he comes to a bingo hall near you.