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Avril Lavigne Canceled Rest Of Tour To Concentrate On Her Sinuses. Also, Couldn't Give Tickets Away 19.May.2008

Um, it's just allergies. That's right, allergies.Even to homeless people with hearing loss. They even tried to throw in a sandwich and a coupon for Mad Dog 20/20. No dice.

Avril finally decided to follow her subterranean little husband and give up the whole tour idea. It just didn't pay to tour to smaller and smaller venues when her appetite for certain substances keeps growing and growing.

The official reason Avril abandoned her tour was that she was suffering from laryngitis and couldn't sing. That didn't stop her from hitting the town till the wee hours, partying until her beady little eyes were like superballs and her pointy little snoot was lit up like a firecracker. That must be some cold Avril's got. Her nose has been red and runny like that for at least a year now. Hmmm.