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Naked Woman In Dick Cheney Sunglasses Not Sharon Stone 12.Apr.2008

Don't you feel a draft? I thought this was kind of silly the first time I saw it, but if you look at it from just the right angle, it does kind of look like a naked woman with gigantic boobs. In reality it's Dick's own arm as he fishes somewhere. That's right. Fishing. 'Cause that's the way this Dick rolls.

Speaking of fishing, Sharon Stone has been hitting the mid-life crisis pretty hard lately. At a recent event, she attempted to re-create the sexual frenzy caused by her trout-flashing scene in Basic Instinct but heard only retching noises and snickers from the paparazzi. The movie was made in 1992, when Sharon was only 34; she's 50 now, and no one wants to see a 50-year-old noonie.

Despite being best known for that role, Sharon has a much fuller acting resume than the caliber of that role would lead you to believe. Check out her IMDB page and see for yourself. I was floored. She just hasn't done anything garnering critical acclaim or good box office in a long time. However, that doesn't make it right to air her old lady beef curtains at us like that. Put that thing away.