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Joe Jonas Hot And Wet: Virgin Porn Or Impacted Bowels? It's Hard To Say 15.May.2009

His shirt is too smallEither he got all sweaty wearing black fleece or this Jonas boy has grown him some body hair. I guess he's also been going to the gym and wants to show off his newly enhanced physique. And keeping with the latest trends, this Jonas has perfected his Zoolander pout.

What will happen to the Jonas Brothers when they outgrow their teen years? There's always a reality show or maybe they could just do the casino/country fair circuit. I don't know how talented these guys really are, whether they actually play instruments or write their own songs, but they have to know their days at the top are numbered.

This Jonas boy, whichever one he is (I think it's Joe) is smart, cashing in on whatever he can while he can. He doesn't want to end up like Sean Cassidy or Leif Garrett.