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Why Is Avril Lavigne's Nose Always So Red? What Is She Doing To That Pointy Little Beak? 10.Feb.2008

Overflowing with warmth and kindnessMore precisely, what is she cramming up there to make it always look so red and inflamed? I'm sure Deryk could tell us, but you know if he comes out of his little cupboard beneath the stairs she'll throw him a vicious beating.

There were rumors swirling a few weeks back that Avril was possibly pregnant. I don't think that's happening any time soon. At least I hope she clears up her sinus problem before thinking of starting a family; otherwise we could have another Pam and Scum situation on our hands - here one day, gone the next.

Avril can deny all she wants, but I remember hearing the deejays on New York's K-Rock joking about all the time she spent in the bathroom ... years ago. It doesn't look like that's changed all that much. There was a blind item a few months back (can't find it now) about a female singer whose manager and husband are trying to get her into rehab to treat a $1,000-a-day cocaine habit. You know, because that could cause all that redness and swelling.