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Heidi And Spencer Are Potheads. She's Just A Bong Hit Away From Catatonic 16.Apr.2009

This is how Spencer likes me bestI never believed these two idiots were a real couple ... but then again, what choice do they have? It's not like anyone else of either sex wants anything to do with them.

So what do you do when you're a social leper but have money falling out of your ass? Simple. Make it 4:20 all day long. Star Magazine says the loathsome pair were spotted going into The Farmacy, one of those newfangled pot stores, earlier this month. Whatever could these two be doing with medical marijuana? And how did they get the prescription? Is this going to end up a skit on The Hills?

How about this: Who cares? I mean, really. Those two would set up a photo op at the site of a plane crash or building collapse to get publicity. They have no morals, tact or dignity. They do, however, apparently have plenty of bud (scroll down to see the bong on their kitchen counter) and know how to use it. Guess Spencer can forget that bid to unseat Arnold. Oh, wait. I'm sure he already has.