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Sad, Sad Day: Ted Kennedy And Dominick Dunne Pass Away 26.Aug.2009

Ted and his brothersTed Kennedy was called the Lion of the Senate. He made a lot of mistakes when he was younger, most notably the nasty little mess in Chappaquiddick, but he served his country well for many years. He'd been suffering from brain cancer this past year, and finally gave up the fight last night.

Dominick Dunne, for those who aren't familiar, is one of my all-time favorite authors and the very best in his genre, the lives of the rich and famous. He was absolutely brilliant at taking a true story, changing a few names and places, and telling the real story as it would never be told. He covered the Martha Moxley-Michael Skakel case, the OJ Simpson case, and many other deliciously juicy tales. He also had been suffering from cancer for quite some time, and it's a shame he didn't make it. He was said to be working on a book when he passed - I hope it gets published. The Master