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Caption This: Ricci's Prison Tattoo Sets Her Free From A Bad Childhood. 03.Apr.2007

Just another thing to distract her man while hitting her from behind...or did Ricci have a religious moment?

Christina Ricci was out the other night sporting a new "prision looking" lion tattoo on her back.

"It's Aslan, the lion God of Narnia, from 'The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,'" she told the NY Daily News.

(Aslan, huh? isn't that a stupid book with some = allegory for Jesus Christ) We expect soon Ricci will be speaking in tongues or quoting John Lennon...all while dressed only small panties.

"It was a symbol of my hellish childhood," she said. "I struggled through my oppressive teenage years, and when I turned 18, I escaped. Like Aslan, I was finally free."

So, a crappy tattoo to remind her of her crappy childhood...Did they stop her from "binge drinking" a case of Diet Moet or worse, stop her from "partying all night long? "

"That's not party talk." Ricci added. Oh, Christina, teenage oppression never is.