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Emmy Rossum Is Out Of Work 24.May.2007

Emmy RossumEmmy Rossum has no career. After a slew of big hyped up movies (the confusion of The Day after Tomorrow, the dissapointment that was The Phantom of the Opera and the awful beyond awful Posedion) that all failed I guess prissy litte Ms.Rossum is having some trouble getting work. Though this leaves her plenty of time to go to parties and be Ralph Lauren? s muse. She was seen at the Chanel launch party saying it was okay to party on weekdays or something stupid. She reminds me of that annoyingly perfect girl in school who teachers always liked the best. Plus apparently at a party she looked at Milo Ventimiglia (of Heroes) and said he was cute and ten minutes later they were seen making out. That is exactly the same thing I do with guys I find cute. I just point to them and ten minutes later we are making out.