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Ashley Olsen: I'll Have A Skin Sandwich And A Bag Of Bones 14.May.2007

Scrawny Little Troll What the ...? !? I thought it was MK who had the eating disorder. What is this, crackhead chic? Rachel Zoe would be so proud.

The Olsen twins are beyond rich. Period. Unlike most other child stars, however, they have learned how to invest their earnings and have expanded their empire by marketing their names and likenesses in every conceivable way. They are two of the most astute business people in show business today. If they never made a movie or TV pilot again, they'd still have more money than they could ever spend.

So, do you think it would be too much to ask that they just eat now and then? Girls, you cannot live on caffeine, nicotine and methamphetamine. You need to eat a sandwich now and then.

This just in: Apparently MK does in fact still have an eating disorder - she is a cannibal, as shown below. MK dines out

Wow! Look at the dilated pupils on that MK ... and the passed-out chick below her. Guess we know where that Full House money is going.