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Who Will Save Jacko's Kids From His Father And Brothers? I've Got An Idea ... 12.Jul.2009

Just pretend he's not there, just like Daddy didI don't think we can count on Katherine, his mother. She's been under his thumb (read: fist) for years, and knows better than to speak up if she disagrees. She'll go along with anything he says to keep the peace, even if that means pimping out the grandkids.

None of his brother can be trusted. They're already in cahoots with Papa Joe, trying to cash in as fast as they can. Things have already gotten so bad in Camp Jackson that Jermaine rode to the memorial service in a separate limo, all by himself. There was a reason Michael didn't mention his father and brothers in any of his wills - he knew they were greedy pieces of shit.

Debbie Rowe may or may not step up to the plate in the custody battle over the little gold mines, but she's easily cowed by the media and the Jacksons, who have made no secret of their hatred of her. And sadly, Jackson's second choice, Diana Ross, wants nothing to do with all that crazy.

So who will save those beautiful, obviously charismatic children from the life Michael worked so hard to keep them from? Can they possibly find anyone who can look at them and not see dollar signs? It would have to be someone stable, secure and independently wealthy. How about Madonna? Two outta three ain't bad; she seems to have done OK for Lourdes, an equally precocious and charismatic young lady. She must be getting bored with Mercy already anyway. The thrill is in the hunt, after all.