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Shanna Moakler Will Pummel Ashlee Simpson Once She Finds Out She's Boning Travis Barker 04.Mar.2011

Come out and play, little girl!Ashlee and her husband, Pete Wendt, separated quite suddenly, and only recently. There were two takes on what split them up - he was a pillhead and too into his rock star career, she wanted to party all night with skater dudes - but there hasn't been anyone else mentioned ... until now.

According to Star Magazine via CDAN, Ashlee Simpson is rebounding with none other than Blink-182's Travis Barker. Sources say they've been "quietly hooking up" (does that mean he makes her bite the pillow? ) for an indeterminate amount of time. Was he the cause of their breakup? Probably not, but ya never know. I guess we'll find out when Ashlee and Pete go to court to fight over the boy and money.

In the meantime, Ashlee better WATCH HER ASS every time she steps out the door, especially after dark. (Everybody knows Shanna likes to sleep all day.) Once Shanna finds out about that scrawny twig boning her husband - he will always be her husband, as far as she's concerned - she's gonna come looking for her, Papa Joe be damned.