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John Travolta In Hot Man-on-man Kiss With Kirk Douglas 17.Nov.2007

Do I see some tongue? Travolta and his bedraggled ol' manwig gave film legend Kirk Douglas an unexpected rise at a recent awards event. Travolta's peeps said John does that with all his male friends, but check out Kirk's reaction - like he'd like to pull away but can't. Or he's amazed at what John can do without Viagra.

Douglas refused to comment when confronted with pictures of his bizarre embrace with the avid Scientologist. Kirk is old school Hollywood, from the days when the stars were their studio's bitches, and not the other way around. They were given a wardrobe, a code of behavior and a strict curfew. The studios had their own clean-up squads, a highly-skilled group of folks who took care of things - making sure a story got killed, paying off victims and their families, greasing palms - whatever it took to keep it out of the news.

Nowadays it's almost impossible to keep a story from breaking, and there are no in-house cleaning specialists left. Sadly, instead of being best known for roles like Spartacus, Douglas will now be remembered by a whole new generation as the guy who got kissed by Travolta.