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The Lohan Chronicles: 21 Is Too Young For Multiple Procedures. It's Also Cheaper Just To Stop Doing Drugs 26.Mar.2008

See you soon, Richie!Two weeks ago Lindsay looked like a 40-year-old drug-addled barhag. This past weekend she was spotted leaving Villa with a super shiny, extra tight face, including newly plumped lips and suspiciously prominent cheeks. Paging Phoebe Price! Someone's stolen your cutlets!!

Maybe Lindsay is hoping that no one will notice that she's getting a little chubsy-ubsy in the middle lately. It's one of those cruel twists. Addiction screws up your metabolism; when you stop using, your metabolism often kicks down and you put on a few pounds. A little exercise would probably do wonders for that - and her alleged asthma - but would interfere with her smoking so I'm guessing it won't happen. She'll just get some lipo and add some extra spray tan. Someone told her orange is a slimming color.

The critics are already slaughtering her new movie with Jared Leto, not for her acting, but for a lousy script. I guess that's why she was spotted flashing her Ariva again. She's got to earn money somehow. It's not like she can become a call girl - she's given it away to thousands already. If anything, she'd have to pay them and get a release signed.